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Expense and Insurance Tracking   Recording medical fees and insurance claims organizes information for tax purposes and documents if or when expense claims were filed, for how much, and for which doctor and which problem.  Health-Minder can store the basic details of insurance plans, such as deductibles, managed care phone numbers, and types of coverage.  Such features are especially useful for those tracking Medicare/Medicaid payments to nursing homes or home care agencies. 

Medical Expense Reports show expenses organized by family member, date, and type of care (hospital, prescription, office visits, etc.).   Totals are provided for the family, each family member, and each type of care.   See at a glance how much of the expenses have been reimbursed by your insurance coverage within this calendar year.  Record the payments made for each bill, including multiple payments for one bill.  Keep track of dates of submission to both primary and secondary insurance companies, where applicable, and refunds or rejections.

Insurance Reports show family and individual status of claims for the current year of policy coverage.  Health-Minder also handles managed care plans, and even basic pet insurance.  Enter family and personal deductibles and lifetime or maximum amounts per type of care. 

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